Maintenance and Support

Keep your solutions and infrastructure up to date with the fast-changing business landscape

You’ve got a great Custom Business App. What’s next?

Making sure your custom business app is running in tip top shape and can adjust to the demands of competition and technology has a lot of factors.

  • Is your hardware, operating system, and infrastructure keeping up with your teams' requirements?
  • Are your team members onboarded and supported to maximize use of your Custom Business App?
  • Is your Custom Business App regularly updated to take advantage of new Claris Platform features and keep up with competition?

Your business is constantly evolving, and your Custom Business App should, too.

What if you could have technical support without hiring an entire tech team?

  • Have a resource that knows the Claris Platform, understands your Custom Business App and your business
  • Can work with you and your team on both strategy and code-level support
  • No need to deal with employment contracts, government filings, training, and scheduling

Presenting... Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support is a complete service package giving you access to your virtual Custom App Support team.

There are a number of benefits to availing of our Maintenance and Support service:

  • We begin by ensuring that your team is comfortable working with us
  • We review your infrastructure, custom app, and team level to determine the appropriate next steps
  • We coordinate with any third party suppliers for any additional support needed
  • Your team has a single point of contact and can scale as needed

When we work together on Maintenance and Support for your organization, you have peace of mind that your Custom Business App is being maximized by your team.

Our job is to provide you with end-to-end services to keep your business running smoothly.

When you avail of our Maintenance and Support, you’ll get:

  • A direct line to us, thru phone, chat, and/or email
  • Minor updates to your Custom Business App
  • Onboarding and handholding for new and existing users
  • Regular and as needed health checks to ensure that your systems are running with minimal downtime

Get started on Maintenance and Support today

Are you ready to focus on your business instead of your Custom App?

Our goal is to help your business as a partner, not a set of hands.

How does Maintenance and Support work?

To minimize risk for you, we start out our major engagements with our Systems + Automation Roadmapping Service. This allows us to determine if we are able to help improve your business and achieve the outcomes you are targeting as well as give you an idea on how we'll work together.

At the end of the Systems + Automation Roadmapping Service, we'll present to you a proposal for maintenance and support, which is dependent on how many team members will have access to us, the extent and scope of your Custom Business App, and the type of infrastructure you have.

Once the proposal is approved, we'll schedule a kick-off session to get to meet you and your team, review the service inclusions, set maintenance and support schedules, and provide details on how we can contact each other.

You and the team members you authorize will be able to reach us for support issues regarding your Custom Business App, servers, and infrastructure.

We will usually perform monthly maintenance on your Custom Business App to ensure that everything is optimized, and let you know of any issues that need to be addressed.

We provide these services remotely, so it's great for remote teams and cloud-hosted servers. However, if you have an onsite team, it's best to have one team member that will be our point of contact to assist other team members.

What's unique about Maintenance and Support?

Unlike other consultants and firms, we know that making sure your Custom Business Apps are working properly is core to your business.

We work with you hand in hand to ensure that you have someone to reach out to for anything regarding your Custom Business App.

Why should YOU take advantage of our Maintenance and Support service?

If you're interested in:

  • A packaged service to handle your needs
  • Working with a partner instead of a set of hands
  • Ensuring your Custom Business App is maximizing the features offered by the Claris Platform

Maintenance and Support is a great way to work with someone who will take the time to understand your business challenges and strive to sync objectives.

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